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The legend of Heavenly Queen (Mazu) – Goddess of the sea天后媽祖簡介


Heavenly Queen, also known as “Mazu”, Lin Mo Laing (A.D. 960-987) was born in MeiZhou Island in FuJian province during the Sung dynasty in China. At her birth, a brilliant light appeared in the northwestern sky, and the scent of perfume filled her home. She was given the name Mo (silence) because as a newborn, she never cried. At her early age, she demonstrated great intelligence with photographic memory, healing the sick and helping the poor people. She also acquired the ability to predict the weather, saving many fishermen lives at sea. Although her life was of short duration, her intelligence and life saving legend remained forever. After her death, people built a temple on the MeiZhou Island at the spot where she ascended to heaven and become immortal. This became the origin of all Heavenly Queen temples around the world.


Devotees around the world continue to believe that Heavenly Queen will protect all those who pray to her before setting out to sea, and that she will save the lives of anyone on the open sea who cries to her in their hour of distress. Her birth day is celebrated each year on the 23nd March of the Chinese lunar calendar in all places with a Chinese sea faring tradition. Not only is Heavenly Queen a traditional Chinese religious figure who saves people’s lives and promote mercy, her legends is also part of the traditional Chinese culture and has continued unabatedly for more than one thousand years.


Heavenly Queen Temple Melbourne – Footscray

The Heavenly Queen is located at 2 Joseph Road, Footscray approximately 4kms from Melbourne CBD. Its about 5 minute drive from Melbourne city centre and is accessible by train (Footscray Station) or by bus (Bus No.  216, 219, 402).


The Temple precinct is alongside the Maribyrnong River and is approximately 40,000 square meters in area. About two third of the land will used as Chinese Garden and Car Park.

The total buildings floor area is approximately 5000 square meters. The project will be built in 3 stages:


Stage 1: Building of the Heavenly Queen Temple, Entrance Gate, the Memorial Hall and the 16m high Statue.

Stage 2: Building  of the tea house and restaurant which can seat up to 1000 people.

Stage 3: building the Kwan- Yin Temple, Drum Tower and Bell Tower, office building, souvenir shop, exhibition and conference centre.


All buildings will be constructed in traditional Chinese temple style and red brick wall and golden roof top.

Upon completion of the whole project, not only will it serve as a temple for the Heavenly Queen devotees, it will also be a meeting place and destination for tourist.


天后媽祖 <簡介>


天后媽祖,原名林默娘,生於宋太祖建隆元年(公元960)農曆三月二十三日,于福建莆田湄洲島,媽祖誕生時,室內香氣馥有都,天佈祥雲,一道紅光由酉北天際射入室中,光輝奪目,為祥瑞之兆。誕生一個月,不聞啼聲,父母給她起名為默娘,默娘自幼天賦聰穎,八歲從師,研讀經史,悉解文義,過目不忘,稍長獲授玄妙之術,遂得通靈變化,救人濟世,治癒百病,驅邪扶危,拯救海難,法力無邊,聲譽傳布各地。宋太宗雍熙四年(987年)農曆九月初九,羽化昇天,雲遊救世,漁民百姓在其昇天之地建朝奉祀,護航庇佑 出海漁船,救苦救難,廔顯靈濟, 深獲百姓愛戴,這是最早之媽祖廟, 後流傳至中國沿海各地,以至南洋一帶及世界各地,善信均紛紛建廟奉祀其顯赫神跡。

現時海內外信奉者逾兩億之多,在全球有超過1500多座天后媽祖廟,香火鼎盛。天后媽祖是庇佑萬民門守䕶神,是中國民間信仰之重要神lin, 亦是中華民族重要傳統文化之一。


澳洲墨爾本天後宮 (簡介)


澳洲墨爾本天後宮坐落于墨爾本市西之富士貴市(Footscray)河畔, 距離墨爾本市中心僅4公里,車程只需5分鐘,公共交通方便, 鄰近火車站(Footscray Station)及公共汽車站(Bus No. 216, 219,402)


天后宮園區總面積約40,000平方米。地形天成,狀若??。背長堤,面清流, 靈氣非凡,是建廟地之福地,園內有一人工湖,四周環境優美。

園內之整體規劃為:1/3為建廟之用,2/3 作為花園及面



第三期工程: 建築主殿前面之鐘樓,鼓樓及後方之觀音殿,放先生池以及位於右翼之辦公室, 精品店以及展覽廳,會議廳,河畔亦會興建碼頭,到時乘船或水的士亦亦可以到天后宮。

所有建築物皆為紅色牆面,金黃色屋頂,配合一整齊的花園,盡顯中國傳統建築特色的風采.全部工程完成之時,將會是集祭祀,祈福, 朝拜, 集會, 遊覽于一體之天后宮。



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20 Joseph Road, Footscray VIC 3011 Australia

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20 Joseph Road, Footscray VIC 3011 Australia

(03) 9687 3606

Heavenly Queen Temple, Footscray Melbourne Australia Main hall